Ola Akesson Has Bear Encounter While He Pees In Sweden (VIDEO)

HORUNGE! Bear Catches Swedish Man With His Pants Down (WATCH!)

A man taking a night-capping whiz outside his summer cabin was surprised to see a giant bear pop out of the moonlight.

Since nobody got hurt, this video, taken by his wife, is chock-full of Swedish swear words -- and hilarious. If you speak Swedish, we apologize in advance for some of the language.

On Sunday, Ola Akesson was at the Angraan nature reserve when he spotted an elk and told his wife to grab her iPad to record the majestic creature, The Local reported.

When the 61-year-old man's wife starts hit the record button, however, she spotted the bear running not so far from him and started to scream.

"Look out Ola! A bear is coming!" she yells, according to The Local's translation. "Are you stupid? Run, for God’s sake!"

Akesson gets so spooked he falls over in his underwear and rolls. The bear -- caught in footage obtained by Aftonbladet TV -- knocks over a bird-shaped ornament and runs back into the woods.

Akesson's summer home doesn't have an indoor toilet, and he told The Local that he doesn't have any plans to install one.

"This was just a one in a million chance; we doubt it will ever happen again," he said.

Luckily, you can see it happen over and over again. Just watch the video above.

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