Olbermann: Beck Caught Lying During Rally (VIDEO)

Wednesday night on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann helped expose a lie Glenn Beck told during his "Restoring Honor" rally this weekend.

"He's a great moment from the Beck Rapture, total crapture," Olbermann said introducing a clip in which Beck claimed to have visited the National Archives and held George Washington's handwritten first inaugural address in his hands.

"Little could Father Cough-Glenn over here know, but there are actually people at the National Archives to call him on his lies," Olbermann said.

According to the National Archives, Beck did visit and was shown Washington's inaugural address, but did not hold it.

"Those kinds of treasures are only handled by specially trained Archival staff," a spokeswoman said.


Olbermann's MSNBC colleague Ed Schultz also reported on Beck's rally lie Wednesday night.

"If the Beckster really wants to restore honor to America, he should start with telling the truth," Schultz said.