Keith Olbermann Calls For Boycott Of NFL Draft And Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

Olbermann's take is not to be missed.

Keith Olbermann has never been shy about rallying against what he sees as the evils of the sports industry.

Still, the anchor was in rare form on his ESPN2 program "Olbermann" this Friday, calling for a boycott of both the NFL draft and the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight, both of which will take place this coming week.

Olbermann told viewers that it is time to "draw the line" on domestic violence and sexual assault, citing both the controversy surrounding expected first-round draft pick Jameis Winston and the five convictions Mayweather has had in the last 14 years for assault against women.

"The choices are about where we as sports fans, where we as human beings, draw the line about domestic violence in this country," Olbermann said.

"I will not promote, watch nor report on Mayweather's fight," he said. "I will boycott it, and I urge you to as well."

Olbermann said he will boycott the NFL draft as well, "because when you discover there are no other adults in the room, that the commissioners and the boxing organizations and the leagues are the money-hungry children, then by process of elimination, you have to become the adult. And we, the reluctant adults, we have to draw a line."

It's unlikely that a mass boycott of either event will happen. It was only seven months ago that the NFL enjoyed its highest ratings ever in spite of intense public criticism over the league's handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.

Nevertheless, Olbermann hits the nail on the head in the segment above. It's well worth your time.

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