Olbermann Equals O'Reilly. Huh?

Another touch o' drivel from our sterling mainstream press, as noted by various commentators: Yesterday AP ran a story about Giuliani's complaint over Keith Olbermann's participation in the GOP "debate" broadcast.

I guess since Olbermann hammered America's Mayor for going demagogic with 9/11 speeches (Giuliani, ole Mr. Police Riot Instigator, a demogogue? heaven forfend!), there was a question of "fairness" in some carping quarters.

Well gee whiz. The mayor who tried to halt ads on buses from poking fun at him is now whining about some critic, is he?

But the AP story yesterday actually describes MSNBC's use of Olbermann as the equivalent to Fox's using O'Reilly, say, in the same circumstance!

Excuse me??

This is the kind of fatuous mulch that passes for news analysis in the mainstream media these days.

Pardon reprinting letters again, but here's what I wrote yesterday to the AP reporter, one David Bauder:

Dear David Bauder, In your AP story today, "MSNBC'S OLBERMANN SEEKS DELICATE BALANCE," you write the following:
Having Olbermann anchor -- as he will continue, with Matthews, for big political nights throughout the campaign -- is the MSNBC equivalent of Fox News Channel assigning the same duties to O'Reilly."
Can you possibly be drawing an equivalence between Olbermann & O'Reilly in terms of their relationships to fact & something like truthful journalistic practice!? Yes, Olbermann is critical and opinionated -- but on the basis of fact, not demagogic bluster and namecalling. You cannot appreciate the difference? Truly, you cannot?? I don't mean to go over the top here; but it is this kind of fatuous "equivalency-making" that has toppled mainstream journalism into the ditch where it now lies, honking bubbles in the mud. I say this as someone who worked as a reporter for several years, and has written for numerous publications, incl NY Times, LA Times, New York etc. I say this in disgust and...more disgust. Thank god for the internet. Barry Yourgrau

David Bauder's email address, as listed at the bottom of the article on Yahoo News, is dbauder@ap.org. Perhaps you'd care to write him yourself. Please do, of course, keep it civil.. (Don't go O'Reilly on him)

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