Olbermann Fact Checks Limbaugh's Today Show Interview (VIDEO)

Olbermann Fact Checks Limbaugh's Today Show Interview (VIDEO)

Last night Keith Olbermann waded into the media thicket that is Rush Limbaugh's interview with the Today Show when he decided, "as a public service," to "deconstruct and translate" Limbaugh's answers.

A sample of said deconstruction: when Limbaugh refuses to name a leader of the Republican party while still calling himself the annointer of GOP leaders, Olbermann translates this as:

in other words, like all demagogues he dreams secretly of being summoned like Cincinnatus by a desperate nation. That, or that was rare honesty and he can't think of a single Republican likely to get more than 400,000 votes in 2012.

Olbermann also concluded that boasting about "spawning" Glenn Beck was dubious at best: "Like congratulating yourself on spreading syphilis."


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