Keith Olbermann: Roger Goodell Can't Resign, Because He Needs To Be FIRED

Keith Olbermann no longer believes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign from his post. Instead, the ESPN host wants the NFL team owners to fire Goodell for mishandling the Ray Rice domestic violence situation.

Olbermann called on the NFL team owners to fire Goodell in the aftermath of a bombshell report from The Associated Press indicating that a law enforcement official sent an NFL executive the Ray Rice elevator video in April. The AP report published on Wednesday contradicted claims by Goodell that the NFL had not seen the disturbing footage of Rice striking his then-fiancee Janay Palmer until it was released by TMZ on Monday.

"You have already forfeited your privilege of resigning because to restore just the slightest credibility to the den of liars, CYA specialists and investigators whose job it is to bury whatever they actually find, the owners and the NFL need to publicly and loudly fire you," Olbermann said, addressing Goodell directly during a commentary segment.


Speaking to Norah O'Donnell of "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday, Goodell had claimed that "no one in the NFL, to my knowledge" had seen the explicit video from inside the elevator of the Atlantic City, N.J. casino where the domestic violence incident occurred in February until Monday, despite requesting it from law enforcement officials.

"We assumed that there was a video," Goodell told O'Donnell. "We asked for video. But we were never granted that opportunity."

During that same interview with O'Donnell, Goodell also seemed confident that his job was not in jeopardy.

"No, I'm used to criticism," Goodell told O'Donnel when asked if he felt his job was on the line. "I'm used to that. Every day I have to earn my stripes. Every day I have to do a better job. And that's my responsibility to the game, to the NFL, and to what I see as society."