Olbermann Continues Mockery Of Beck Rally: 'God Will Do Magic Tricks' (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann kept up his mockery of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial this Saturday. On Thursday's "Countdown," Olbermann played multiple clips that featured Beck giving grandiose previews of what the rally would be like.

"If all goes according to plan, it will rival this nation's seminal moments...had those historical events included a welcome area, cooling stations, access to porta-johns and sponsorship opportunities," he joked.

He then showed Beck saying that, at the rally, "You're going to see the spirit of God unleashed, unlike you have ever seen it before. At least at a public function."

"And then God will do magic tricks," Olbermann added, before playing the widely circulated promo that Beck released, which compared the rally to Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass, among others.