Olbermann: Palin An 'IDIOT' And Coward For Mocking Maddow, MSNBC (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann did not mince words Thursday night in naming Sarah Palin his "Worst Person in the World."

While speaking outside Chicago this week, Palin mocked Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. Describing a store clerk who found out someone was from Alaska, Palin said the clerk:

"turns beet red and the veins pop out in her neck. Kinda like Rachel Maddow does sometimes. Now watch, that clip's gonna be on, on the air for her dotcom. Increase her ratings."

Palin also said to her Illinois crowd, "I'm glad to be here on the President's home turf...somebody told me, 'You know, you're going into enemy territory.' I said, it's Chicago, it's not MSNBC."

"That woman is an idiot," Olbermann said in response. "And the event at which that idiot spoke was sponsored by an Illinois firm that specializes in battery-operated back-up sump pumps."

He added that Palin was a coward for not appearing on MSNBC.

"That woman does not have the courage, personal or political, to appear on MSNBC, not without an army with her (and I mean that literally)," he said.


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