Olbermann Parses O'Reilly Body Language: "Dictator," "Aggressive Towards Women," "In Heat"

Olbermann Parses O'Reilly Body Language: "Dictator," "Aggressive Towards Women," "In Heat"

Keith Olbermann hosted "body language expert" Stacey Grenrock Woods to analyze the deeper meaning behind Bill O'Reilly's "Inside Edition" meltdown.

Grenrock Woods' assessment: O'Reilly is dismissive and aggressive towards women, he displays rare, dictatorial body language, "mostly seen by your Benito Mussolinis, your General Pinochets." Grenrock Woods also explained the end of the clip as O'Reilly "spraying his territory...basically saying, this is my jacket, this is my chair, this is my desk, my, my, my, my women, my chair, my desk, me, I am superior, I have the power." And, while generally one takes off his jacket because he is hot, Grenrock Woods believes O'Reilly taking his jacket off at the end of the clip signifies that he is "in heat," "ready to mate," and "probably about to troll the halls of 'Inside Edition' for a mate, a woman to dominate."

At the end of the clip, Olbermann revealed the Grenrock Woods was not actually a "body language expert" and is actually from "The Daily Show" — which didn't come as much of a surprise, but also didn't take away from the hilarity of the clip.


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