Olbermann Slams Palin's Energy Op-Ed: "The 'Op' Could Have Stood For Facts Optional"

Sarah Palin's Washington Post op-ed railing against a cap-and-trade bill aimed at controlling climate change has some policy wonks questioning just how much Palin actually understands energy legislation.

As Steven Benen notes,

In an impressive feat, Palin managed to write an entire piece about energy policy without mentioning the words "global warming," "climate change," "carbon," or "emissions." There's "no denying" the need to address the issue, but there's also no explaining why. (She did, however, manage to work in the phrase "cap-and-tax" four times.)

Keith Olbermann joined the chorus tonight in his discussion with the Nation's Chris Hayes. Olbermann slammed Palin's writing, saying ""The 'Op' in Op-ed could have stood for facts optional here."


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