Olbermann Is Convinced A Grand Jury Is Probing Trump Campaign's Russia Ties

The commentator believes FBI Director Comey confirmed that when he told senators he's working with "two sets" of prosecutors.

Political commentator Keith Olbermann breathlessly laid out his case that a federal grand jury is likely already probing possible connections between the Kremlin and members of Donald Trump’s campaign team. And he believes it was confirmed by FBI Director James Comey’s comments before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this week.

There is “strong reason to believe there is a grand jury sitting in the [federal] Eastern District of Virginia right now hearing evidence about the connections between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russians.” he said on “The Resistance,” his GQ web series.

Comey indicated as much, Olbermann argued, when he testifed Wedesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Comey, in response to a question from Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) on Wednesday, said he was currently “coordinating” with “two sets of prosecutors,” including the “main Justice [Department] National Security Division” and “the Eastern District of Virginia U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

Olbermann said that he talked to John Dean, former White House counsel for Richard Nixon, about Comey’s comments and that Dean, a key witness in the Watergate hearings, said it would be “difficult to believe that there is not a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia.”

Check out Olbermann’s video above.