Olbermann's Health Care "Special Comment" VIDEO: Whole Show Devoted To Health Reform

Keith Olbermann delivered an hour-long "Special Comment" tonight on the urgent need for health care reform. Drawing on his personal experiences with the system, especially the ordeal of when his father fell gravely ill and was hospitalized, Olbermann describes a decaying system that is failing to fulfill one of the most important priorities we have as a nation: taking care of our citizens.

Olbermann particularly targets the insurance companies, illustrating how their business models are more focused on making money than helping people, which leads to very perverse incentives. The insurance companies are concerned about profit, which is why they're fighting against health reform. Olbermann concludes, "The insurance companies are at war with America."

At the end of the show, Olbermann states that he is going to demonstrate his support for health care reform by donating money to support the establishment of free clinics in the capitol cities of each of the states of the six senators who are blocking reform.


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