Old Bay: The Seasoning We Are Totally Obsessed With

I didn't actually realize the depths to which I loved Old Bay until a I had a shrimp boil without it.

As the company website says, "There are two things you need to know about Old Bay Seasoning: 1) it's great on seafood and 2) it's great on everything else."

Old Bay, you are so, so correct. I didn't actually realize the depths to which I loved Old Bay until a I had a shrimp boil without it. I didn't realize how essential I find it to be on lobster rolls and Bloody Marys until it was noticeably, sadly absent. Old Bay Seasoning is a Chesapeake Bay staple -- a mix of celery salt, celery seed, black pepper, paprika and other secret stuff that any proper Maryland crab boil wouldn't be caught dead without. The product's original name was “Delicious Brand Shrimp and Crab Seasoning." It's not inaccurate, but we think Old Bay has a much better ring to it.

There may be no limits to my love for the primary color bedecked box. I've started sprinkling it on deviled eggs, kale chips, into potato salad, pickle brines and more. The day I stumbled upon Old Bay in homemade buttermilk dressing, I never went back. And guys, sprinkle it on popcorn. The seasoning basically allows you to season with salt and pepper, as you would normally, but also allows you to include a hint of celery where there is no celery to be found. The paprika lends a subtle sweetness and a lovely color. In case I haven't convinced you, check out my very favorite tip from Old Bay's website: "Tip: Keep one in your purse or fanny pack to battle bland food on-the-go."

What's your favorite thing to season with Old Bay? Let us know in the comments!

*Please note, as with all our Editor's Obsessions, this post has been neither sponsored, nor influenced by the company mentioned. There is no sponsorship that could incite love this nerdy.

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