Old Daschle Campaign Ad Stresses Frugality, Ugly Pontiac

Old Daschle Campaign Ad Stresses Frugality, Ugly Pontiac

Those who defend Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle on the recently revealed news that he failed to pay taxes on the most expensive car service in the history of Western Civilization do so because they've known Daschle a long time. But maybe not long enough to remember the old campaign ad a tipster sent me today, that depicts the South Dakota Senator as a model of frugality. When other fat cat Senators were riding up and down Pennsylvania Avenue in BMWs and limousines and rickshaws pulled by the Daughters of the American Revolution, ol' Tom was steady rollin' in his beat up Pontiac. Based on the exhaust, Daschle is in dire need of some mad carbon offsets!

"Maybe he's sentimental," the narrator says, "Or just cheap. Whatever the case, isn't it too bad that Washington doesn't understand that a penny saved is a penny earned." The ad was made by the "A Lot Of People Supporting Tom Daschle Committee," who now owe "Washington" a big, fat apology.


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