Vintage Hollywood Photos Are The Spring Style Inspiration You Need

Take some style cues from the women of Old Hollywood when crafting your spring wardrobe.

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time for a little wardrobe update.

After a few too many months of chilly temperatures, we’re ready to ditch our bulky sweaters and coats for something a little lighter. And we’re taking some cues from the women of Old Hollywood.

Whatever they were wearing, be it breezy dresses, rompers or jeans, they always looked glamorous. Even when they were playing tennis (and a lot of them apparently did), their outfits were a far cry from the baggy mesh shorts and T-shirts we’d wear today. Luckily, many of the styles the stars of Hollywood’s golden age wore back then are still fairly easy to find at stores like Reformation, Mod Cloth and J.Crew.

Below, check out some of our favorite vintage style moments, the perfect inspiration for crafting your new spring wardrobe:

Jean Harlow
Clarence Sinclair Bull via Getty Images
Jean Harlow relaxes on the golf course in 1932.
Myrna Loy
Donaldson Collection via Getty Images
Actress Myrna Loy in a scene from the 1933 movie "When Ladies Meet."
Barbara Stanwyck
Bettmann via Getty Images
Barbara Stanwyck in action on the tennis court, 1934.
Lucille Ball
Underwood Archives via Getty Images
Ball poses in a printed dress in Hollywood, 1936.
Judy Garland
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images
Actress and singer Judy Garland with two pet dogs, circa 1940.
Bette Davis
John Kobal Foundation via Getty Images
Bette Davis poses with a flower arrangement, 1940.
Lana Turner
Peter Stackpole via Getty Images
Lana Turner walks down a staircase with her Pekingese dog in Hollywood, California, 1940.
Katharine Hepburn
Bettmann via Getty Images
Katharine Hepburn, screen and stage star, returns a drive during a friendly game of tennis at the Merion Cricket Club in Philadelphia, 1940.
Anna May Wong
John Springer Collection via Getty Images
Anna May Wong stands on a roof wearing a black and white ensemble, undated.
Jane Russell
Bettmann via Getty Images
Jane Russell, shortly after being chosen for the lead female role in the 1943 film "The Outlaw."
Lauren Bacall
John Kobal Foundation via Getty Images
Lauren Bacall in a trouser suit, circa 1945.
Ingrid Bergman
Bettmann via Getty Images
Ingrid Bergman poses near a rock, circa 1949.
Debbie Reynolds
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images
Actress and singer Debbie Reynolds plays baseball, circa 1950.
Elizabeth Taylor
Bettmann via Getty Images
Actress Elizabeth Taylor sits on a stack of pillows, wearing purple pants and a yellow shirt in this undated photo.
Dorothy Dandridge
Allan Grant via Getty Images
A portrait of actress Dorothy Dandridge at home, 1954.
Lucille Ball
ullstein bild Dtl. via Getty Images
Ball wears a matching denim outfit in this photo from 1955.
Brigitte Bardot
Mirrorpix via Getty Images
Brigitte Bardot at the Cannes Film Festival in France, 1955.
Natalie Wood
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
Natalie Wood poses for a portrait at home in Los Angeles, circa 1955.
Dorothy Dandridge
Bettmann via Getty Images
Dandridge poses in front of a poster for her movie "Carmen Jones" in 1955 at the Cannes Film Festival in France.
Gene Tierney
Horst P. Horst via Getty Images
Actress Gene Tierney poses with colorful umbrellas in this undated photo.
Audrey Hepburn
Cecil Beaton via Getty Images
Hepburn rides a bike with dog in basket in this undated photo.
Ginger Rogers
Bob Landry via Getty Images
An undated portrait of actress Ginger Rogers in a ruffled dress.
Rita Hayworth
Peter Stackpole via Getty Images
Actress Rita Hayworth, dressed in a white playsuit, sits on a picnic blanket in this undated photo.
Ava Gardner
Sunset Boulevard via Getty Images
An undated photo of actress Ava Gardner.
Marilyn Monroe
Baron via Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe sits in shadow against a garden fence, wearing a striped dress, 1954.
Lena Horne
George Rinhart via Getty Images
Lena Horne wears a printed top and black skirt in this photo, circa 1942.
Audrey Hepburn
Archive Photos via Getty Images
Audrey Hepburn on a golf course at the Bürgenstock resort, Switzerland, 1954.
Grace Kelly
Bettmann via Getty Images
Grace Kelly, known as Princess Grace of Monaco, stands among the rocks in a photo from around 1955.
Sophia Loren
Donaldson Collection via Getty Images
Sophia Loren in a scene from the 1954 movie "The River Girl."
Elizabeth Taylor
BIPS via Getty Images
Taylor on location in Indiana for the filming of the American drama "Raintree County," 1956.
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