Older Lady Kills It With Her Dance Moves To A Street Performer's Beatboxing

Street performers often go completely ignored -- but not this Belgian beatboxer. He attracted a huge crowd thanks to the impressive dance moves of an older lady who was positively feeling the music.

Power Beat, as he styles himself, was seemingly putting on a performance on a Brussels, Belgium street when it appears a particularly enthusiastic passerby couldn't help but tap her foot and bust a move to his harmonica-accompanied beatboxing.

We're not sure who the woman is, but it seems she was walking her dog when she was drawn in by the music.

We've often been inspired by the moves of elderly folks who prove you're never too old to get up and dance. Our all-time favorite was the "Uptown Funk" video remade by senior citizens who, we might add, were better than the original.

Watch the amazing video above to see the unusual (but totally inspiring), almost interpretive dance. We can't help but think she's done this before!



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