Old Navy's Take On 'Ghostbusters' Is Quite Different For Boys And Girls

People are not happy about this.

Old Navy’s “Ghostbusters” apparel is haunting some buyers with its different designs for boys and girls.

As Jezebel pointed out, the retailer sells graphic “Ghostbusters” tees for toddlers. In the toddler boys’ section, fans of the franchise will find a gray tee with the classic “Ghostbusters” logo. In the toddler girls’ section, buyers will discover a pink tee with the same logo along with the words “Ghostbuster In Training.” Though both products’ labels say they’re simply “for toddlers,” the tees are currently split into the girls’ and boys’ sections on Old Navy’s site.

Old Navy sells different "Ghostbusters" designs for boys and girls. 
Old Navy sells different "Ghostbusters" designs for boys and girls. 

As one Twitter user pointed out, Old Navy currently does not have a “Ghostbusters” tee labeled for women either. Another quick scan of the site shows that the retailer’s “Frozen” apparel is featured in the toddler girls’ section, while its “Thomas the Tank Engine” products are designated to the toddler boys’ category.

On a more empowering level, Old Navy does offer tees for girls with the phrases “Girl Power” and “Strong Girls = Strong World.” And as Jezebel noted, the retailer sells a “Future Leader” shirt for boys and a seemingly more appealing “Born Leader” shirt for girls.

Still, with all the misogyny the women of the new “Ghostbusters” and their fans faced, the glaring difference between Old Navy’s “Ghostbusters” options for boys and girls isn’t sending the best message.

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