Watch Old People Explain Why They Couldn't Care Less About Climate Change

"I'll be dead, silly."

Why should young people care about climate change enough to vote? Because polls show that senior citizens, some of the nation's most active voters, aren't prioritizing one of our most pressing issues.

"I don't care," 89-year-old American actress Cloris Leachman jokes in a new Earth Day video. "I'll be dead by then."

The tongue-in-cheek video, entitled “Old People Don’t Care About Climate Change,” was launched by Defend Our Future in partnership with Funny or Die in an effort to motivate the younger generation to vote. Several elderly celebrities go on to explain their supposedly detached views of the issue.

"Asking me about climate change is like asking me what I want to be when I grow up," 81-year-old actor Bill Cobbs says, adding that there's an upside to rising sea levels -- it would "take care of our county's Florida problem."

"Poll after poll has shown that young people care the most about action on climate than any other age group," Defend Our Future, a project of the Environmental Defense Fund, writes on its website, "but that enthusiasm has not translated into increased participation in our democratic process. With so much at stake, young people are far less likely than their older counterparts to vote."

Lucky for you, Defend Our Future makes registering a piece of cake.

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