Old Spanish Drink: 'Mad Men' Pays Homage To '30 Rock'

'Mad Men's' Wink To '30 Rock'

The Old Spanish drink lives! On the Sunday, April 21 episode of AMC's "Mad Men," the series seemingly gave a little wink to "30 Rock."

Ted (Kevin Rahm) ordered the drink, which originated on "30 Rock," in a tense post-pitch gathering at a diner with Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and SDCP's Don (Jon Hamm), Stan (Jay R. Ferguson) and Pete (Vincent Kartheiser). TV fans first got wind of the Old Spanish -- red wine, tonic water and olives -- courtesy of Cooter, Matthew Broderick's character, who discussed the drink with Jack (Alec Baldwin) in the Season 7 episode of "30 Rock," titled "Governor Dunston."

"30 Rock" writer Tracey Wigfield tweeted about the occurrence.

At a Paley Center event for "Mad Men" on Tuesday, April 23, series creator Matthew Weiner confirmed the nod to "30 Rock." "You will not find that in Wikipedia," Weiner said. "It's not a real drink."

Series star Jon Hamm added, "People think that's real. It's not, because it would be horrible."

"Mad Men" and "30 Rock" do have a history together. Both Jon Hamm and John Slattery appeared on the series and at one point, Liz Lemon's mom mentioned working at Sterling-Cooper.

"It wasn’t that simple, Liz. I had just graduated from secretarial school and I got a job at Sterling-Cooper," she said.

Look out for more "30 Rock" references on "Mad Men," every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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