Old Style Petitioning To Keep Its Brew Wrigley Field's Official Beer After Cubs Sign Budweiser Deal

The Cubs are intent on ending their half -century-old beermance with Old Style, but the iconic ale isn't willing to let go quite so quickly.

As of Wednesday evening, the petition had tallied more than 3,700 online signatures and more than a few Instagram shots on the ivy-covered page of Old Style fans holding signs in support of preserving the 63-year-old relationship between the Cubs and Old Style.

In a statement posted to the petition's site, the company said:

"Judging by the reaction to this news, on social channels and through the numerous inquiries received, fans want to make their voices heard. They've made clear, that while deep pockets may win "official" deal, Old Style has something more priceless: The hearts of legions of Chicago fans."

Credit: Old Style

The partnership between Old Style and the Cubs, which dates back to 1950, was previously described as as one of the longest in professional sports.



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