Old-Time Celebs Launch Ads For Obama

The Jewish Alliance for Change, a pro-Obama group, is launching a series of three ads in swing states that use humor and celebrity narration to go after John McCain.

An ad titled "Ain't Funny -- Vice President" features old-time movie and TV stars such as Carl Reiner, Danny Devito, and Jerry Stiller riffing on topics ranging from the price of gas ("it costs more than the car") to health care and Sarah Palin.

"He wants to put that girl who winks in the second position," says Reiner, of Oceans 11, 12, and 13 fame, "Oh God, we are in trouble."

"I am voting for 'that one,'" says famed actor, director, writer and producer Gary Marshall, referencing the snide remark McCain made of Obama in the second presidential debate.

The other two spots deploy a similar method, going after McCain for his use of scare tactics and urging grandparents to consider "think about your grandchildren" when casting their ballots.

"I got the chance to vote for Roosevelt and I'm still talking about it," says Reiner. "Obama's your person."

The spots will air Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania -- states that have large swaths of elderly voters -- according to a spokesperson for the organization. The group has bought time during the last week of the election on the major cable news networks.