Old. White. Men.

I don't like generalizations. Nor do I support them. I teach my kids to avoid them at all cost. But if there is one that is true, it is that the people almost exclusively responsible for the horrible state of our earth and society are... old white men.

At this point they don't really have to be old, white or men -- but it is a mindset that has been embedded in society for hundreds of years by... old white men.

There are many obelisks in Rome. Most were stolen (other copied) from a glorious ancient civilization as tokens of the power of Roman emperors and their armies. Tokens that symbolize all that has been wrong with the world since around the same time many claim a savior was born. Two thousand years of complete and utter deterioration of any real meaning to the words civilized or humane. Two thousand years of declining human consciousness.

The obelisks are paraded around the city of Rome as trophies. One of the most disturbing ones is the theft harbored and continued by the pope himself. An obelisk that has been hijacked both physically and spiritually is standing in the middle of Vatican City with a cross installed atop it.
A civilization that by all accounts did not belong to the white race, consumed by Roman Caesars like, Constantius II, Caligula, Augustus, Diocletian, and others, and perpetuated by those who assert leadership today.

These embezzlements commemorate battles, bloodshed, wars with no purpose, men's testosterone, and the victory of the spiritless and materialistic over the soulful and humane. Pairs of obelisks separated, desecrated with organized religion's symbols, and no one, not even the holier of holies, the pope himself, have the decency to return them to where they belong. What are they afraid of?

These obelisks are thefts by old white men who claim what isn't theirs as feathers in their caps, stealing the world of its past, its diversity and its kindness.

Only one people stayed true to their origins, the people of Ethiopia. The Obelisk of Axum, one of the most ancient and meaningful of their culture, was stolen from them in 1937 by yet another old white man, Mussolini. But Ethiopia did not waver and after half-a-century long struggle, it was returned to its home, to its cultural cradle, to Ethiopia, where it belongs.

But Rome in particular and Italy in general, while certainly the most criminal with a whopping 18 Obelisks in their country, are not the only sinners. Obelisks and other Kemetic artifacts have been stolen and installed all over the world.

To make sure we are all on the same page, Kemet is what Ancient Egypt was really called; it had no relation to the name Egypt, which was given to it by more white men, the Greeks. The name means 'the black land' and no other comment is necessary on that.

Obelisks stand in London, New York, Paris and Istanbul with complete disregard to their significance and crude obstruction of their meaning; for example, "Cleopatra's Needle" in New York City isn't Cleopatra's nor is it a needle. It was an obelisk from the time of the great female pharaoh, Hatshepsut.

We may have an entire misconception on a civilization that we know relatively little about but looted blindly and now continue to ignore our own grand theft. We could return them to their original homes; study them, their positions, and their functions. We could restore and attempt to learn about the ancestors that may have known so much more than us; learn from a civilization that seemed to have a very different view of the world with female Pharaohs reining well before the suffragettes realized women are just as capable as men, if not more. We could learn from a culture that seemed to be able to build monuments we can't even fathom today, not to mention their potential uses. We could be opened to a whole new history we don't know and were blinded from. We could learn, grow, develop and discover. We could be more enlightened.

But. Old White Men.