9 'Old Wives' Tales' That Are Actually True (PHOTOS)

9 'Old Wives' Tales' That Are Actually True

We've all heard these household myths before from our moms, grandmothers or know-it-all friends. You know the ones we're talking about. Think: you've spilled red wine on the carpet and the peanut gallery shouts a laundry list of weird ingredients that may get it out.

Well, there is truth to some of these old wives' tales, and we're here to tell you which ones work -- and are actually worth repeating. Scroll through our list, and let us know in the comment below if we're missing any others that are tried and true.

1. Use Plants As Air Purifiers At Home: Yep, and our expert blogger Bruce Lubin tells us that specific varieties that do a great job are rubber trees, corn plants, bamboo palm, ficus, gerbera daisies, English ivy, peace lily and philodendrons.

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2. Use Newspapers To Clean Windows: It's true. The fibers that make up newspaper are much denser than paper towels. This allows them to absorb liquids and they won't fall apart as easily, says our blogger Chris Barnes.

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3. Microwave Sponges To Keep Them Clean: Yes! Putting your dirty scrubbers in a dish of water and a little lemon juice and zapping them at a high temperature will kill bacteria, making them less likely to spread germs as you're wiping up.

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4. Use Peanut Butter To Remove Chewing Gum: This creamy spread will take out sticky wads that get stuck to your shoes and other places. Just add a couple of tablespoons to the spot and scrub it off completely with a wire brush.

peanut butter

5. Unclog Your Drain With Alka Seltzer: If your clog's not too severe, this is a trick for the books. Drop four tablets and a bit of vinegar and flush with boiling water.

alka seltzer

6. Remove Carpet Dents With An Ice Cube: This sounds super weird, but there is truth to it! Leave it in the stubborn hole for a while, then fluff it with a fork to get the fibers looking good as new.

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7. Fill A Hole In The Wall With Soap: Yes, if you're fixing a tiny nick or nail hole in a white wall with a similar color bar of soap, this will work. Rub the bar in a circular motion over the hole until it's filled in.

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8. Iron Using Aluminum Foil: This tip actually will allow you to smooth both sides of your garment at the same time. Great, right?

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9. Use Walnuts To Remove Furniture Scratches: This is one of our favorites. Remove the nut from its shell and rub it over marks in the wood. The oils from the nut will penetrate the surface, fixing the blemishes.

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