92-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Home Intruder By Kicking Him In Face

92-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Home Intruder By Kicking Him In Face

As the saying goes, "Don't Mess With Texas." And as the saying might go now, "Don't Mess With 92-Year-Old Women From Texas."

One night last week, Opal Phelps, 92, was asleep in her Jasper County, Texas home when a masked man broke in, woke her up and demanded $20.

The feisty woman told KHOU.com that she wasn't scared and that she told the thief she didn't have any money. "He tried to make me shut up, but he didn't have no luck at it," Phelps said.

The man then ordered her to put on her shoes.

"He had a hold of my leg trying to put them shoes on, and they hard to get on, and I just took my other foot and kicked him right in the face," Phelps said.

She then did a quick look about the room to see what she might use to fend him off. She grabbed the Life Alert monitor on her nightstand, hitting the button. The intruder quickly fled the scene, but not before swiping a gun she kept near her bed. Police have yet to locate the suspect.

"I'm going to stay here. I told that cop I was getting me another gun,” Phelps said. “He says get it. I'm going to use it next time I think.”

The story is just more proof that one should never underestimate the resourcefulness of older people. Last year, another older woman from Texas, Margaret Jackson, became something of a YouTube celebrity after fighting off a prospective burglar with a barbecue fork.

You go girls!

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