'Oldboy' Trailer: Spike Lee's Remake Of Cult Classic Gets Stylish, Violent First Look (VIDEO)

The first trailer for Spike Lee's remake of "Oldboy" has arrived, and it's filled with enough wild imagery and homage to satiate any concerned fan of Park Chan-wook's original cult classic.

Josh Brolin stars in "Oldboy" as Joe Doucett, who is kept imprisoned for 20 years without any acknowledgement as to why he's being held captive. (The trailer presents his lost time in a montage of significant events from the last two decades, including the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina.) After his equally unusual release, Joe goes into revenge mode, which means some ultra-violence. (A hammer is involved, as fans of Chan-wook's original might expect.) The red-band trailer for "Oldboy" doesn't shy away from the violence, or the subversive nature of the film's storyline.

"That's a great film," Lee said to Moviefone about the original "Oldboy," itself an adaptation of a Japanese manga. "This is the first time I am doing something like this, so it's interesting how you can stay true to the essence of the original source material, but make it something different, and I know that's what we are going to do with this one."

Watch the "Oldboy" trailer above. The film is out in theaters on Oct. 25.

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