6 Products To Help Solve The Kinda Private Problems That Older Adults Might Have

Because you're only human — and this way you won't have to interact with a cashier.

Our bodies are constantly changing. And although this experience is universal, sometimes such changes can feel bewildering and even isolating — especially when it comes to figuring out how to cope with issues that are uncomfortable or painful.

Luckily, these six products are recommended by thousands of Amazon reviewers and may help alleviate some discomfort, or simply provide some peace of mind knowing you’re not alone. Read on for recommendations vouched for by a jury of your peers who understand better than anyone else.

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A handheld USB-powered fan
Older reviewers love this powerful little fan for hot flashes, noting its impressive power (with three different settings!) and long-lasting charge. You can use it as a handheld fan or adjust it so it'll stand up on its own on a countertop or desk. Folks love how quiet it is, making it unobtrusive enough to use in meetings, restaurants, church or wherever else you might need some quick cooling relief. It's available in five colors.

Promising review: "OMG. Lifesaver. As a 50+ yr old woman why did I not try this sooner??!!! Hot flashes have disrupted my sleep/life for a few months. This portable fan has decreased my laundry loads as I am not changing clothes like a potty training 2 year old every few hours. And at night, like a trained dog, I just roll over and pick up this miracle as needed. Great product." — Amy Motz
A bestselling earwax removal kit
If you're not hearing as well as you once did, your ears might not be the only thing to blame — you also might have built-up earwax blockage. Cotton swabs can actually inadvertently damage your eardrums, but this earwax removal aid promises to help gently drain wax from your ears. It's helped older reviewers so much that some call the results "a revelation."

Promising review: "I'm 50 years old and have been using cotton swabs my entire life...until a day ago when i accidentally pushed wax inward and blocked my right ear canal and was unable to dislodge it. I was rendered partially deaf and in panic i was about to go to the ER. I instead ordered this Debrox kit and i paid for emergency overnight shipping too. It's a terrible feeling to suddenly lose one's hearing let me tell you. The first comment here has the correct instructions. Lay your head on a pillow and put drops in ear and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then use the bulb to flush with warm water(do this for up to 10 minutes). I have my hearing back now and I'll never use a cotton swab ever again." — Clayfreak
A Curve Correct ingrown toenail correction kit
Years of cramming your feet into tight footwear, whether dress shoes or heels, may mean you now deal with uncomfortable, painful ingrown toenails. I did not know there was any treatment available for ingrowns and was resigned to chronic flareups until I tried these Curve Correct braces. For me, they've been a godsend, slowly straightening out my curved nails so that they don't hurt every time I accidentally brush them against the floor or, well, literally anything. Olderreviewers echo this sentiment, calling it a "process...[that's] so worth it." I believe these are worth every penny.

(Note: While you may feel mild discomfort when you first apply the brace, you should not feel any pain. If you do feel pain, immediately take the brace off and apply it later with less pressure.)

Promising review: "Curve Correct is working better than I thought since my toenails are very curved. I am very happy with how the brace is working on my big toes. I am 72 years old and had no problem placing the braces on my toe nails. It has been almost 3 weeks since I placed them on the two big toenails and they are still staying in place very well. I followed the directions as was written. It took about a week not to have any pain when I placed covers over my feet but now my toes feel great! The ends of the nails are beginning to flatten. I am very happy with Curve Correct and will tell others about this product." — B Toelle
Some bestselling underwear for incontinence
Whether you experience incontinence due to age, childbirth, chronic UTIs or medication, this bestselling underwear option could be handy: It was created specifically to absorb leakage. Made of breathable bamboo, they'll feel soft against your skin and won't feel bulky like pads do. Older reviewers who no longer get periods love them, though they can also function as menstrual underwear. Reviewers recommend sizing up. They're available in regular and plus sizes, in various pack sizes, and in four colors.

Promising review: "These are good for older ladies too. Way past period age - I am 70 and I wore my first pair last week. I am wearing them for occasional leaking. I ordered by accident - not anymore. Ordering on purpose - comfortable and no embarrassing accidents." — PKP
An orthopedic gel seat cushion
Tons of olderreviewers vouch for this gel-enhanced seat cushion's ability to help relieve sciatica pain and back pain, calling it "life-changing." It promises to help take pressure off your tailbone thanks to its ergonomic design, helping support your legs and improve your posture as you sit. You can make use of it in your home office, sewing room or couch — or even take it on the go in your car, truck or lawnmower. Sitting down promises to be a whole lot more comfortable.

Promising review: "I needed a new cushion that helped when sitting for long periods. This cushion is very comfortable and helps support my back because of its design. At age 85, I spend many hours sitting at the table opening mail, eating and doing other projects which necessitate comfort. I know I will be using it frequently." — Kindle Customer
Bestselling cooling pads for hemorrhoids
These medicated cooling pads promise to offer some relief from the pain, burning and itching often caused by hemorrhoids; in fact, they're designed to help treat moderate to severe symptoms. They come in a handy pack of 100 and contain 5% lidocaine to help numb pain, plus colloidal oatmeal to soothe skin and witch hazel to keep your sensitive areas clean. Older reviewers sing the praises of the Tucks pads for helping relieve their pain more effectively than the other products they've tried. That's a yes from me.

Promising review:
"I bought several creams, pads etc. and none worked as expected. This product saved me from the worst pain in the ass I experienced at age of 62 years old with swelling and skin blisters for almost a month. No other product helped relieve the burn and pain except Tucks Pads. It is cheap and no one can beat it." — Elie Jerdak

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