Older Men in Last Vegas

When we first meet them in this laugh out loud comedy Last Vegas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, and Michael Douglas look like they might have wandered off the set of a movie called Bad Grandpas. But then, as they go off to Las Vegas for a wild pre-nuptial blast for Billy (Douglas), all cleaned up, they veer close to GQ models. The now familiar Sex & the City shot: the four stars walking in slow motion toward you, has you realizing, as one bosomy broad in the movie does, that mature may not be so bad. Disarmingly funny despite being predictable, the movie comes with a message about ageing, mature love, and friendship, points affirmed by a lounge singer in the shimmering sheaths of Mary Steenburgen who wrote a special song for the film. Following surgery, the actress had an anesthesia induced epiphany, discovering that she wanted to sing and compose music--and guess what, she's good. At the premiere this week, the Ziegfeld was chockablock with well-wishers who made their way to the "21" Club to sample the beef and yes, gamble at roulette. Morgan Freeman affirmed he did his own dancing, and DeNiro reprised his Raging Bull boxing chops. Director Jon Turteltaub said the dynamic foursome took their scenes in stride. In this company, no one dared play diva.

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