This Older Woman Shows Us All You're Never Too Old To 'Twist And Shout'

We're all just dancin' fools at heart.

Ezda Beevers/ViralHog

It's hard not to tap your toes when you pass by some spirited street performers. But for one spunky older woman in Brighton, England, the sound of a classic tune blaring was enough to make her break out into a dance in the middle of a crowded street. 

Passerby Ezda Beevers captured the joyful moment the older woman, wearing a bright pink jacket, took everyone by surprise with her moves to "Twist and Shout." She shared the video on her Facebook page on Monday, saying "Love it pure crazy Brighton joy and yes pink coat lady is the star!" 

The man in gold has since been identified as Pablo Woodward, a self-proclaimed "actor and party-starter," who told The Huffington Post he's taken to busking this year. Woodward says the older woman was crossing the street with a walker when he decided to put on the old-school tune. 

"She may have been old, double bent but inside she had the spirit of a young 'un, so she stopped, listened, put one hand on her Zimmer and tapped her foot back and forth, that progressed to a proper shuffle, then on her letting go of her Zimmer altogether," Woodward told HuffPost.

It wasn't long before others joined in. The video has been watched over 3.6 million times on Facebook and over 350,000 times on YouTube. Watch the video for yourself. The joy really is contagious. 




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