102-Year-Old Man Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Says It's NBD

Meet our favorite ice bucket challenger so far: 102-year-old Jack Reynolds.

The great-grandfather from Derbyshire, England took the ALS charity challenge in stride -- and in his underwear -- as a family member poured a bucket of ice-cold water over his head. He is possibly the oldest person yet to take part of the viral video sensation, which has so far raised $88.5 million in donations for the ALS Association.

"I've lived through two World Wars so a bucket of ice and water wouldn't [faze] me!" Reynolds told Yahoo News U.K. "My fun-loving family always set me up for things like this so I had no hesitation to do it."

According to Yahoo, Reynolds was nominated by his 10-year-old great-granddaughter. The endearing video was then uploaded to Facebook on August 24 by Reynolds' grandson, Shane Spencer, and has already garnered over 4,300 shares.

"One of the best guys in the world showing that even at 102 years old you can still get involved with charity and up for a laugh, Jack Reynolds you're a star!" Spencer wrote on Facebook.

Daughter Jayne told local newspaper The Derbyshire Times the stunt “was so funny, he’s always game for a laugh, he’s incredible. He went into the bedroom and just came out in a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts. Afterwards he just sat down and had a Grouse whiskey, that’s what keeps him going.”

Watch Reynolds breeze through the challenge above.

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