Oldest Purse Found, Covered In Dog Teeth, At German Gravesite (PHOTO)

We were pretty proud of our own vintage bags until we got a load of what might be the world's oldest purse, circa 2,200 B.C. Fun fact: dog teeth embellishments were totally "in" in the Stone Age.

Featured recently in National Geographic, the artifact was uncovered in a grave near Leipzig, Germany, along with other Stone and Bronze Age items.

It doesn't look like a bag anymore, says archaeologist Susanne Friederich, but the neat array of over one hundred dog teeth "looks a lot like a modern handbag flap." It seems that dog teeth, used on jewelry and other accessories, were pretty fashionable back in the day. So basically, this was every stylist Stone Age gal's PS1?

Whoever owned the bag, she must have really loved it: she was buried with it. Now that's a commitment to fashion.

oldest purse

We wonder if these bags will last as long...

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