"Old-Style Politics," In Pictures

"Old-Style Politics," In Pictures

Ben Smith flags this sharp-edged quote from Obama adviser Steve Hildebrand:

"The Clintons have always put people in a box - they look at everything through racial lines, gender lines, geographic lines; they tend to segment people," said Steve Hildebrand, a senior Obama adviser who spearheaded his Iowa effort. "She goes to Nevada and sits with Latinos in their living room to court their vote - that's not the way Barack approaches people. If the Clintons paint him as the black candidate, no one's going to stop them from doing that. They are playing the same old-style games."

Hildebrand is right, Obama doesn't sit with Latinos in their living room to court their vote. He sits in their backyard.

From an "economic opportunity" photo-op in Van Nuys, California 10 days ago:

Just to set the scene:

Photos are by Jonathan Alcorn, found on Flickr.

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