Teen Girl Takes Down Popular Surf Mag In Epic Letter

Olive Bowers is a big fan of surfing. So when she came across Tracks magazine at a friend's house, the surf publication caught her attention -- and not in a good way.

According to News.com.au, in a letter of epic proportions, the 13-year-old called out Tracks for their lack of representation of female surfers.

The only photo of a woman I could find was ‘’Girl of the month’’. She wasn’t surfing or even remotely near a beach.

These images create a culture in which boys, men and even girls reading your magazine will think that all girls are valued for is their appearance.

The teen athlete ended her note with a request for big changes:

I urge you to give much more coverage to the exciting women surfers out there, not just scantily clad women (who may be great on the waves, but we'll never know).

*Slow clap*

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