The Best Ingredient Ever? Olive Oil, According To Norma Kamali

You Can Use Olive Oil For Basically Everything

We've already pledged our allegiance to coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice and a slew of other skin-healthy foods. Now we're adding another item to our grocery list: olive oil.

And Norma Kamali was the one who got us inspired. Chatting with the designer on HuffPost Live, we learned that she swears by olive oil for basically everything. "Olive oil is supergold, it's the best stuff," Kamali said. "You can use for food, you can mix it with salt and have a scrub, you can use it for your hair and nails and for a massage..."

That last one sounds pretty good. We tend to use it as a moisturizer... and as dressing on our favorite salads. Learn more about the super-ingredient at, and catch Norma Kamali's full segment on HuffPost Live.

Oh, and you can use it in DESSERT:

Olive Oil Almond Cake

Olive Oil Desserts

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