Olive You! A Talk About Food, Cards and Valentine's Day

Olive You! A Talk About Food, Cards and Valentine's Day
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Paperless Post founders James and Alexa Hirschfeld have a very "edible" take on this whole Valentine's Day situation. What says love better than food? That's right nothing -- well, except maybe cards. Combine the two and you get a very puny collection of heartfelt greetings created exclusively for this digital card site. Creating laughs, love and a way out for those forgetful valentines, these food-centric love notes are instant gratification at fifty cents a pop.

Show the gourmand in your life how much you care with a nice "Olive you," or "Let's Canoodle," even "I Like You An Offal Lot" -- (my personal favorite). This food-centric Paperless Post collection accomplishes everything you want and more. Food speaks through the heart and stomach so send off one of these gems and get to cookin'.

See what James and Alexa have to say about food, Valentine's Day and of course cards.

What is your favorite foodie Valentine's Day card?
James: I wouldn't mind receiving "Brie mine"
Alexa: "Olive you"

What is your ideal Valentine's Day dinner?
James: I'm single so I don't have to worry about. Maybe coq au vin, I'm a stew guy.
Alexa: I guess it would be the same things I like on any night: Greek food, in particular taramosalata and grilled octopus

What inspired this food-centric Valentine's Day collection?
I think food and romance have an inherent connection. When were dating or married to someone half of what we do is sit down to meals together. Food and romance both give us pleasure. This collection acknowledges the connection in a fun and funny way.

If you could pick one ingredient (besides chocolate) to capture the feel of Valentine's Day what would it be?
James: cheese puff, but we love it anyway
Alexa: hot sauce -- any kind you like (I've been enjoying Crystal hot sauce recently which is just pure habanero)

Paperless Post: Foodie Valentines

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