Olivia Bouler, 11-Year-Old Girl, Uses Artwork To Raise Money For Birds Harmed By Gulf Oil Spill


Since Olivia Bouler began her campaign to support the National Audubon Society's work rescuing birds affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, hundreds of individuals have contributed over $20,000 to her cause. For each donor, Olivia spends 30 minutes making an original watercolor featuring bird species from the Gulf region. AOL News, who featured Olivia in their artist series, has also pledged $25,000 to the Audubon Society to help Gulf Coast wildlife.

Olivia reflects on the success her fundraiser has had.


When 11-year-old Olivia Bouler saw news coverage of the damage caused by the Gulf Coast oil spill and the wildlife affected by the disaster, she was moved to tears. Olivia is a bird-lover and hopes to pursue a career as an ornithologist; she was also familiar with the Gulf Coast, an area she spends vacations with her family.

Hoping to help, The Guardian reports Olivia wrote to the National Audubon Society, offering her services as an artist to help them raise funds to protect birds threatened by the oil spill.

"I'm going to do it as long as they need help," Olivia told

Each person that makes a donation to the National Audubon Society, The Sierra Club, The Weeks Bay Foundation, The Mobile Bay Estuary Program or the National Wildlife Federation can e-mail Olivia's mother to receive one of Olivia's drawings. E-mails should be sent to The Boulers have also set up a Facebook page to raise awareness about Olivia's project.

Moved by her granddaughter's efforts, Jane Bouler said "This child is doing what we all should be doing and she genuinely wants to help the birds."