Inside The Life Of One Of YouTube's Most Recognizable Queer Families


Ebody and Denise are a pair of same-sex moms who document their lives with daughter Olivia through their popular YouTube channel OliviaHas2Mom.

PBS Digital Studios sat down with the couple in their latest installment of "First Person," a web show hosted by Kristin Russo that focuses on gender identity, sexuality and queer community. In this segment, the pair talk about the development of OliviaHas2Moms over the past three years and connecting with other queer families through their web series.

"We hope that anybody watching our channel will see that same-sex families are just like any other family and they embrace our story just like they would embrace anybody else's story," Ebony explained. "I love when we get moms who have kids that are gay and they write to us saying, 'watching your videos makes me feel a lot better and confident for my child's future.' We love those stories."

Want to check out the OliviaHas2Moms channel for yourself? Head here

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