Olivia Munn Gets Drunk And Mocks Hoda Kotb On 'Today' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Olivia Munn Gets Drunk With Hoda On 'Today' Show

Olivia Munn co-hosted the already boozy fourth hour of the "Today" show on St. Patrick's Day—and took the alcohol consumption to a whole other level.

Hoda Kotb is used to drinking every day, but she was left speechless as Munn downed drink after drink.

"I just realized I'm going to be on 'The Soup,'" a slurry Munn said at one point.

TV Squad compiled a clip reel of the drinking highlights.


Munn also mocked Kotb mercilessly during a segment on proposals. Kotb revealed that her ex-husband had proposed to her in a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park.

"Did you guys just watch an 80s chick flick and then go off, and then did you realize that it's really horrible to ride in those carriages?" she said.

"At the time it felt romantic, and later it turned out that it wasn't," Kotb said. "...I'm a romantic, don't you think?"

"You're not drinking enough," Munn replied.

Watch (jump to 7:58):

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