Olivia Munn Bashes Celebrity Instagram Habits: 'You Want The Fame And Attention'

Olivia Munn calls Instagram "the great equalizer," but the actress has harsh words for the way celebrities use the photo sharing tool.

"You can't put out so much and then ask for your privacy and expect people to take you seriously all the time," she told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri in a Wednesday conversation about her upcoming film "Mortdecai."

The "Newsroom" star poked fun at celebs who post "no filter" selfies, which she described as a way to declare "I'm pretty" and amass virtual praise.

"The only reason is to get more followers or get likes," she explained. "You want the fame and attention ... [but] if followers were the number one thing to getting a career, all the Kardashians would be in every big movie of the year."

But the actress holds herself to the same tough standards, admitting that her followers are probably not too thrilled with some of the content she's shared lately: "I'm sure people are tired of my puppy pictures."

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