Olivia Munn Links Hollywood Sexual Misconduct Epidemic To Gender Pay Gap

"Continuing to pay us less perpetuates a bias that women are inferior."

Olivia Munn suggests that the closing of the gender pay gap could be a big step toward tackling Hollywood’s sexual misconduct epidemic.

In an essay published on the Entertainment Weekly website on Thursday, the “X-Men” actress called on the heads of studios, CEOs and bosses to enforce equal pay “because continuing to pay us less perpetuates a bias that women are inferior.”

“So when a 14-year-old girl is on a date and tells her boyfriend she doesn’t want to have sex but he pushes her to do it anyway, there is an inherent feeling that he’s allowed to do what he wants because he’s worth more,” she said.

Munn was one of several women who&nbsp;<a href="https://www.huffpost.com/entry/brett-ratner-accused-sexual-harassment_n_59f9b
Munn was one of several women who accused movie producer and director Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct. Ratner denied the allegations.  

In the essay, Munn also called for a “zero-tolerance policy” for perpetrators of sexual misconduct and called it “not a ‘women’s’ issue” but an “abuse-of-power issue.”

“And until we eradicate the diseased roots of our infrastructure and make foundational, systemic changes, nothing will change,” Munn added.

Read the full essay here.