Olivia Munn's 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Costume Required Plenty Of Lubrication

Olivia Munn is basically the woman of geek fanboy dreams.

The 35-year-old and her "X-Men: Apocalypse" co-stars appeared on "Conan" during San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday to talk about their new film, their crazy antics on set and Olivia's latex costume. The actress, who plays Psylocke, revealed she wears a pretty skimpy bodysuit in the film, similar to the actual comic book character's ensemble. In order to get into it, she needed some help (as was noted by James McAvoy). 

"They lube me down and I step into this latex [costume]," the actress said. "We did a whole latex fitting."

"They lubricate the costume and they lubricate me," Munn continued.

Clearly, the human condom costume requires a lot of work to get into, and it wasn't always easy to wear. "The first day I put on the latex suit, I was out there and I was really excited to be with these guys. I met Michael and James, everybody, and I was just so excited. I was like, 'OK, I wanna do like a really good job,' and I just popped the crotch," she recalled. "The latex just broke."

There you have it: even superheroes have wardrobe malfunctions.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" will hit theatres May 27, 2016.

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