Olivia Neubauer: 100 Years Old In 2 Weeks And Still Teaching At Chicago School (VIDEO)

The Monday after Olivia Neubauer turns 100 next month, she'll do what she's done every school day since 1935 -- teach.

Neubauer teaches reading to kindergarten and pre-k students at Ashburn Lutheran School, where she's worked since it opened in 1963, after 16 years of teaching elsewhere, CBS Chicago reports. Neubauer began her career at Pullman Tech High School.

After she passes this milestone on March 11, Neubauer says she has no intention of stopping.

"My son keeps saying, 'Mom, when are you going to quit?" she told ABC Chicago. "I say the Lord will tell me when to quit."

Neubauer helped found the school in 1964, according to the associated church's website, and has been actively involved ever since. An annual fund and scholarship fund are maintained in her name.

Neubauer attributes her longevity to genes. She told ABC her mother lived to 100, and two of her cousins lived to be 101.