Olivia Norton, Baby Born With 'No Blood,' Survives Severe Case Of Newborn Anemia (PHOTO)

The extraordinary recovery of baby born with a severe case of anemia in the U.K. is being called a medical miracle.

Doctors gave Olivia Norton about two hours to live after they discovered the newborn had severely low levels of hemoglobin. So low were the levels, in fact, that what filled her veins and arteries could barely be classed as blood, the South West News Service (SWNS) reports.

The premature baby was born completely pale on Sept. 10. But after undergoing emergency blood transfusions, she began to slowly regain her color.

About six months later, Baby Olivia is alive and well. Her case remains so rare that it's being documented in medical texts, the Mirror reports.

Even still, Olivia's isn't the only story of baby born "without blood" to surface in recent months.

Earlier this year, mother Katy Morgan came forward to talk about her son's recovery after he, too, was born with "no blood."

Baby Oliver overcame a rare condition called Vasa Previa that essentially caused blood to drain from his body while he was still in the womb, the London Evening Standard reports.

After coming into the world without a heartbeat, the boy received a blood transfusion and a slew of other procedures after which he slowly gained strength, eventually becoming the healthy, active toddler he is today, according to the Sun.