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Olivia Palermo, the Ultimate Girl About Summer

From style blogs to countless magazine covers, front row at every couture show from Paris to Milan, openings at the MET and even walking her beloved pooch in the New York City heat, the lady has accumulated some high wattage star power.
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CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

Olivia Palermo is probably one of the most notable style icons of our generation.

From style blogs to countless magazine covers, front row at every couture show from Paris to Milan, openings at the MET and even walking her beloved pooch in the New York City heat, the lady has accumulated some high wattage star power.

Though polished, adventurous and strategic with her style, what most people don't know is that Olivia Palermo also remains one of the most personable women in fashion. A rarity in an industry known for cliques, reserved tables and side-eyes, Palermo is warm, precise and refreshingly witty.

Arriving in Bridgehampton via Blade Helicopter on a sunny Friday afternoon, Palermo is elegantly dressed in a white jumpsuit from Lovers + Friends, sporting a beautiful braided look and glowing skin.

She has arrived at the REVOLVE House in the Hamptons to host an exclusive luncheon for 50 style influencers.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

"Revolve is great," says Palermo, "they have a lot really affordable, stylish fashion and I'm big fan, so it was really nice that they asked me to be a part of this fabulous event."

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

A California based company founded in 2003 by Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas, REVOLVE decided to rent a house in the Hamptons for a month, hosting collaborative events to engage audiences and customers alike - a smart idea since the #RevolveintheHamptons hashtag has literally become the go-to for photos of guests like Hailey Baldwin, Zoe Kravitz and ASAP Ferg perusing the fine grounds at the REVOLVE house.

Upon arrival, Palermo walks confidently into a circle of admirers, shaking hands and smiling from ear to ear--she's thrilled to be in the Hamptons and really, who wouldn't be?

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

With the help of MOET, REVOLVE has managed to stage the chicest luncheon possible. Under a shade of perfectly manicured trees, a gorgeous white table set with special keepsake bottles of bubbly graces the far side of the lawn.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

Just a few feet away, a table of champagne adorned with fresh berries, limes and strawberries beckon just about everyone who steps outside.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

"I've been a long time supporter of MOET and I've worked with them for many years so I'm thrilled that they are part of today's lunch. I also got my personalized champagne bottle. This is major!" explains Palermo.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

Atlanta de Cadenet is on site to spin the latest from Pharrell to Drake and takes a moment to graph a photo-op with Palermo. Style influencers like UK based Patricia Bright and her husband Mike pose for photographers and chat with other attendees under a shaded table while nearby, a chef can be seen prepping a massive grill full of delectable vegetables.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

On this particular day, Palermo is excited to reunite with friends Noa Santos of Home Polish and Ross Matsubara of NIKE Communications. Giggling away freely with no inhibitions, they exchange ideas and snap photos - the kind of outcome the REVOLVE House hopes to bring out of each guest.

"Being out here in Long Island is amazing. The great thing about the Hamptons is that if you want to go out you can and if you don't, you and stay at home and have really nice dinners or lunches - sort of the vibe of today. Intimate, chic and everybody look's great." adds Palermo.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

Platters of roasted veggies, sautéed shrimp and grilled chicken are being served as Palermo, seated across the table, rises to give a toast.

Sweetly thanking all attendees for joining her at the luncheon, she emphasizes how great it is that MOET and REVOLVE would partner to bring like-minded fashion lovers together, in the Hamptons.

Later when asked about her relationship to summer, Palermo explains, "I love the summer. We have really long winters in New York so I always look forward to summertime. And really, who doesn't like to be in summer clothing?"

The REVOLVE House is the ultimate place to catch the newest trends, happily being flaunted the style influencers near the pool. From flowing maxi dresses to cut-off shorts and printed caftans, Palermo agrees that there is a specific way to dress for the season.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

"There's a difference between beach appropriate and city appropriate - and to know not to mix the two because it looks out of place." says Palermo.

She adds:

In the summer I think more of the denim approach in the city works, more black of course. When you're out in the Hamptons or on the beach, more whites, maybe you can try bright colors and bright patterns. If you're in darker clothes in a beach environment, people can tell that you're from the city. I think it's important to just keep it easy; it doesn't have to be over the top or decked to the nines. Beachy waves, a nice little glow to the skin - you're good.

CREDIT: Ben Rosser, BFA

One refreshing characteristic about Palermo is that she is resolute about spending time with family and friends whenever time permits. She welcomes easy days and Sunday strolls in the park, adding that summer usually offers one the opportunity to explore a new neighborhood or nearby city.

Palermo says:

In the winter you tend to have back to back appointments because you want to be inside, you want to have a schedule and keep organized. In the summer you want to play it by ear because you never know, maybe you'll have an afternoon free to go for a nice stroll through the West Village or a quick lunch with a friend. It's those moments in the summer that you really appreciate because they happen so naturally.

Many will say that Olivia Palermo is a natural when it comes to style, we'd like to attest that she's also a natural when it comes enjoying the moment - appropriately chic and embracing the opportunity to celebrate others, she is in fact, the ultimate girl about summer.