Olivia Wilde Gets The Shepard Fairey Treatment (PHOTO)

Guess The Actress Who Got The Shepard Fairey Treatment

Shepard Fairey, Olivia Wilde and the ACLU joined forces, and Fairey has created an image of Wilde similar to the Obama one he created during the 2008 election.

Wilde is best know for her role on 'House' and stars in the upcoming 'Tron: Legacy.'

She said of the image,

I believe we have to judge our society not by how we treat the privileged and the empowered, but by how we treat the silenced, the condemned, the undocumented, and all those whose views and rights are deemed inconvenient. The ACLU works tirelessly to uphold the promise of the Constitution, and I am proud to support their courageous and necessary work


On the red carpet:

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