Olivia Wilde Opens Up About Jason Sudeikis Engagement, Professional Jealousy

Just try to find a more likable couple than Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

Appearing on InStyle's August cover, Wilde gives us another reason to root for her and funnyman fiance Sudeikis.

She opened up to InStyle, saying that she loves the engaged life and is readily prepared to take on the challenges that arise when performers date each other.

"You wonder what will happen -- will he love me if I’m not as successful? Will jealousy kill us?" Wilde said. "I know there will be times when Jason is working more than I am, but I’m actually excited by that. I’m excited by what he will become, what depth he has.”

With her realistic and positive outlook, it's no wonder Sudeikis continues to rave about his fiancee. Wilde claims that she "could never imagine life without someone [she] respect[s]" and "who offers [her] infinite possibilities."

Seriously, is there anything not to like about them?

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