Olivia Wilde On Beauty: No One Calls 'Men Brave For Not Wearing Foundation'

Olivia Wilde: No One Calls 'Men Brave For Not Wearing Foundation'

According to the actress herself, the Olivia Wilde you see on the big screen does not look the same as the Olivia Wilde you see in real life.

During a conversation with HuffPost Live on Friday, the star discussed how soft lighting boards and other techniques used during filming make actors look like they have perfect complexions.

For her new film "Meadowland," the 31-year-old went makeup-free, and shunned the notion that going au natural could be considered "brave."

Recalling an episode from HBO's "The Comeback," which highlighted a similar sentiment, Wilde said, "It's so silly. I don't hear people calling men brave for not wearing foundation."

She also expressed concern about all the lighting tricks used during filming, noting that "people are at home watching movies, thinking they're supposed to look a certain way -- that kind of flawless nature that Hollywood promotes in some films."

She added, while "some films call for that [as] a stylistic choice," she doesn't want onscreen artificiality to hinder self-acceptance.

"I feel like when I was an adolescent, that [message] would've been illuminating for me," she said. "I would've appreciated someone letting me know that none of this is real."

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