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Olivia Wilde's Fashion Magazine Cover Looks A Little Too Perfect... (PHOTOS)

We love Olivia Wilde, who is one of the most naturally gorgeous (and smart, funny and down-to-earth) stars in Hollywood today. What we don't love is when a woman like Wilde gets the Photoshop treatment so intensely that she barely looks like her normal self.

We can't say for sure that's what happened on Wilde's new Fashion magazine cover, but it definitely looks that way. Posed in a dramatic feathered Gucci dress, Olivia looks beautiful... yet her makeup looks so smooth, so flawless, that she's practically a plastic doll.

Think there's some foul Photoshop play going on here? Check out the cover and tell us if this is a classic Photoshop Fail.

Olivia's new cover:

olivia wilde

For comparison's sake, here is Olivia IRL:

olivia wilde

Overzealous airbrushing much?

When Photoshop Goes Wrong...

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