Olivia Ximines Gives 'Bad Guy' A Powerful Jolt On Stay-At-Home 'American Idol'

"When I'm in my living room I really have to pump myself up," the contestant said after singing the Billie Eilish hit.

Olivia Ximines’ performance of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” hit home on Sunday’s “American Idol.” For real. (Watch the video below.)

Along with the other contestants in the top 20, the 16-year-old from Menefee, California, performed from her home for the judges, who also sheltered in place. Welcome to the first lockdown edition of the talent competition since the coronavirus pandemic forced the suspension of production. And, well, ever.

Ximines called the setting “definitely different,” explaining that she naturally felt the adrenaline on stage. But “when I’m in my living room I really have to pump myself up.”

Judge Katy Perry (dressed as a bottle of hand sanitizer) praised the quality of her voice. “You always bring the show,” fellow panelist Luke Bryan added. And Lionel Richie assured her she had the tools to be a superstar.

Ximines took a chance on the Eilish megahit, giving it way more vocal flourish. Some YouTube commenters questioned the song choice, but many cheered Ximines for making it her own. One praised her for making it “sound like a James Bond movie theme!!”

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