Olivier Martinez Kicks Photographer: Halle Berry's Fiance Gets Into Fight With Paparazzo At Airport

A relaxing trip turned ugly for Halle Berry, her daughter Nahla and fiance Olivier Martinez as they returned from Hawaii.

According to E! News, things got heated between Martinez and a photographer when paparazzi swarmed the trio as they descended down the terminal escalator after landing at LAX Airport last night (April 1). The confrontation seemed to start after Berry expressed concern, allegedly announcing, "Get away, there's a child," as she escorted Nahla out of the building. Eyewitnesses say Martinez then assaulted a paparazzo, kicking him in the leg and wrist as the flashes became too much for the 47-year-old star.

But the altercation didn't end there.

As Martinez was leaving the airport, the photog reportedly grabbed his arm and asked why he kicked him, which angered the actor even more. After putting 5-year-old Nahla in the SUV, Martinez stormed back into the airport and proceded to kick the shutterbug again. That's when Berry intervened, pressuring her husband-to-be to stop and get back in the vehicle.

Airport police and an ambulance subsequently arrived at the scene, but authorities have yet to release a statement on the incident.

This isn't the first time Martinez has been involved in a nasty scuffle. The actor got into a fistfight with Nahla's father and Berry's estranged ex Gabriel Aubry last Thanksgiving after Aubry reportedly expressed concern about Berry and Martinez moving to France with his daughter. The 36-year-old was left with a bad black eye and later secured a restraining order against Martinez, who claimed Aubry instigated the fight.



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