Olla Condom Company Sends Men Facebook Friend Requests From Unborn Sons (VIDEO)

Condom Company Sends Creepy Friend Requests From Unborn Children

Getting Facebook friended by your mom is officially the second most horrifying experience in social media.

A Brazilian condom maker is attempting to scare its market base into wearing protection by sending young men friend requests from their unborn sons, advertising and design blog AdVerve reports.

Olla Condom's "Unexpected Babies" campaign creates Facebook profiles for future baby boys by taking an existing profile's user name and tacking on "Jr." to the end of it. The unsuspecting male Facebook user then receives a friend request from his virtual offspring, along with the message "Avoid surprises like this one" and a link to Olla's website.

"Men like a lot of things, but there is something most of them wouldn't like very much," a YouTube video from the company explains, before playing audio of a crying infant.

AdWeek points out one other minor detail.

"Kind of a clever idea, though labor intensive," the site says. "And surely against Facebook's usage guidelines."

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